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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  April 28, 2017 9:00am-10:59am EDT

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♪ straight ahead major conflict with north korea. president trump with ominous words as he turn the page on 100 days in office. plus why he says he thought the job would be easier and how you rank his performance as he marks the milestone. all week metro has been bracing for a possible sick out. so will it be a mess today? i'm an ye crew and i'll have the
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bit. >> scott wilson ahead. he got it in. he scores! >> familiar frustration too little too late for the washington capitals as they fall in game one of round two of the nhl playoffs to a familiar en enemy. and later marking 20 years since a tv milestone. what ellen degeneres now says about her coming out episode and a special guest she's rounded up to help her mark that anniversary. good day at 9a starts now. >> ♪ if i had to bet i would say oprah. >> just based thon if i had to bet that. we'll fine out. thanks for staying with us it is friday, april 28th i'm instead of scenery alongside maureen, holly, wisdom everybody is here today. >> we are all ready for the weekend inn died but this morning, we want to tell that you local principal is apologizing for the way she let her staff blow off steam. it all has to do with so-called smash space. mel 93 alnwick join us live with all the details about this one. definitely a talker
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morning. all right. first we need to talk about the weather because it might be time to break out the summer clothes. temperatures tomorrow could hit 90 degrees. but some more big changes right around the corner for details the man of the hour tucker barnes back with a firs check of the forecast. >> holly, don't you think everybody needs a smash space after watching the caps lose last night? >> yeah. but the thing is i just keep that smash space in my home i don't record it. >> in your garage. >> i don't record it. >> a lot of old stuff in there. >> uh-huh. even just the pillows on the couch were working for me last night. >> excellent. 70 in washington. winds are out of the south and east at five. the deal with today, summertime. it will feel like it this afternoon. a mix of some humidity and a lot of sunshine and warm temperatures and certainly it will feel more like june or july than the end of april out there later this afternoon. satellite/radar it's quiet. weak front overnight. well east of us left over shower down in ocean city early this morning much that's about it otherwise we're going to be sunny, bright, beautiful. really nice afternoon going out later t
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dinner tonight that kind of thing. we're all systems go for beautiful afternoon and beautiful evening. just very summery around here 84 with some scattered clouds this afternoon. weekend looks hot. tomorrow maybe 90. how long will this warm spell i'll use that loosely last. i'll have details coming up a couple minutes guys. back to you. >> thanks tuck much the big story at 9:00 o'clock this morning spread trump on the brink of a milestone. tomorrow marks 100 days in office. >> the inauguration -- thousands of people packing airports nationwide. >> trump nominated judge neil gorsuch. >> president trump meets angel had a merkel. >> the gop major health care defeat. >> the us drops a massive bomb in afghanistan. >> this is america. >> heading to mira lago. >> president trauma protests. >> historic move. fox5 local news. >> recap of where we have been this morning on day 99 getting new insight what the president thinks of the job so far. >> apparently, it's harder than he thought it would be. interview with reuters president trump says he thought being the leader of the us would be
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easier. he went on to say that he loved his life as a business mogul and being president is more work than his previous high-profiled live. president trump also says it's been an adjustment getting used to living such a protected life adding that really misses driving. meanwhile, some ominous words from the chapter in chief just days ahead of that 100 day milestone he now says the us could be headed for a major conflict with north korea. president saying those words in that same interview with reu reuters. he also praised china for its efforts to resolve the dispute. the on-going tensions will be the focus of a united stations security council meeting today. now one thing the president won't accomplish in his first one hun dead days, the passage of health care bill. vote on health care reform that the trump administration was hoping for has now been pushed back. however, temporary spending bill to avoid a possible government shut down is moving forward. today the house will debate a one week extension bill that would push back the deadline for long-term deal until
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without either federal agencies risk running out of money at midnight tonight likely triggering layoffs. the last government shut down lasted 17 days it was back in 2013. >> 9:04 is the time. how the president -- how the president done so far? that's the big question that depends on who you ask. recent polls show him as one of the unpopular presidents ever when it comes to the first 100 days. most support supporters have no. >> this morning bob barnard is take the pulse of the people. he's live in a diner in culpeper county, virginia the same place he was the today after the election. good morning, bob, want are people saying. >> reporter: well, maureen g morning to you from the frost cafe here on main street in culpeper. i'll tell you this is trump country and you come over and talk to people like chris here, and you'll get maybe the opinion you thought. chris, good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: so 99 days in. tomorrow 100 days for president trump in office. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: what's your grade so far. >> i think he's been doing good job. what he doesn't,, what he doesn't know he does back up with the knowledge of his
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um i'm really glad he got in office. >> reporter: you still support them at this point. >> yes, i do. >> reporter: the people you surround yourself in culpeper feel the same way. >> most of the family and most of the people i know do support him. lot of people came around to supporting him. >> reporter: since the election? >> yes. >> reporter: very cool much chris, thank you very much. >> thanks. >> reporter: we'll head over err couple other gentlemen talking here. one of them is mark. we spoke to him just a moment ago. he's here having a cup of cough feature mark, thanks for being with us this morning. >> how you doing. >> reporter: all right, thanks. tell me 100 days in almost. 99 days into the trump presidency what do you think. >> he's differ. he's definitely different. he's what the country needed i think. so i mean, a lot of people don't like him but i support him. >> reporter: you supported him then and you support him now still? >> yes. >> reporter: can you point to anything that surprised you or disappointed you so far? in a good and a in bad way? >> um, good thing is he's straight forward. bad thing he's too straight forward. >> reporter: [ laughter ]
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>> like i said i guess that's what we needed. change is good for any and anybody. >> reporter: you still got patience with everything. >> i still got patience. i'll let it -- see what happens the next four years he's not going nowhere. >> reporter: briefly yourself, what's your thoughts so far? >> only first 100 days. got a lot of time left. [ laughter ] >> we'll see in the next nine months. report roar thank you very much. that's it guys as we leave take a look done here along the line here at frost cafe. the counter is full of trump supporters. again, most of them even though it's been 100 days and there have been ups and downs, still seem to support him in culpeper, have a have guys. no surprise it hasn't changed much since the last time you were there. thanks for the opinions at the frost diner. we want to know what you think of the president's job performance with letter grade. we tweet us what you think. we'll share your thoughts coming up a little later. >> also in news this morning tracking metro this morning. all week long we've been following reports rumored sick out by workers
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today. so will there be a sick out by metro workers? that's the big question much that's where monitoring after a week of back and forth claims by the union and metro management. fox5's annie yu is following this story for us much she's live at metro center with the latest in this story. annie? >> reporter: good morning, wisdom. yeah, wm a. t just tweeted not too long ago that all of its metro rail and buses are running on time, and riders here at metro center as well as across the d.c. region say, hey, so far so good. things are running smoothly. but, of course, that could change but, again, rmat rea reassuring us right now things running on time. now this threat of a possible sick out it's been lingering for days now as you mentioned and here's the deal. metro and its largest workers union they are currently locked in very contentious contract dispute and the workers are upset about these changes in policy and the hard line approach by management. so yesterday we have video where things got it will ugly during a board
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of metro workers they staged a protest there. they also dropped a stack of petitions protest petitions in their, n front of metro's gm as they turned their backs and they chanted you can hear them screaming there who moves this city, we move this city. they then joined hands outside metro headquarters and formed a human chain. workers are challenging specifically this new absenteeism policy which is the root of this possible sick out. now this rule requires workers to file absence requests three days in advance for things lke calling out sick, doctors appointments, and in an evident to get them excused metro says this policy is the purpose of this policy is to aim on cracking down on excessive absenteeism and the transit agency told us earl on this week around wednesday that nearly 500 of its bus and rail employees applied for this absence they denied all 500. and wall wiedefeld said he wasn't going to be taking any chances he came up way plan
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and he said he asked supervisors to step up in case things didn't go as smoothly today. but again this morning guys we've been out here all morning long riders say it's been smooth sailing and nothing really to cause any hiccups along their commute. back to you in the studio. >> annie thanks much of the upset date in the men time caps fans still in the in good mood this morning. it wizards fans hoping washington can seal the deal down in atlanto night. the national kicking off weekend rivalry after probably exhausting themselves crossing the plate so many times in colorado. the redskins diving into the draft with a great pick. a lot going on. good day sports report coming up a little later. >> first how far have we come and how far do we still need to go? coming up next we'll mark 20 years since ellen came out on national tv. 9:10 is our time right now. ♪
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y2ay2y y16fy >> this is so hard but i -- i -- i think i realized that i am -- i can't even say the word. why can't i say the word? why can't i just say -- what is wrong? why do i have to be so ashamed? why can't i just say the truth? be who i am. i'm 35 years old. i'm so afraid to tell people.
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[ applause ] >> that was a clip of actress and median ellen degeneres coming out someone can help me with the prompter please that would be great that was the clip of ellen coming out as gay on her then tv sitcom ellen. that was very pivotal moment it made her the first prime time leader on network television to come out and today actually mark the 20th anniversary of this historic moment. ellen also came out in real life at the same time. during a sit down with oprah. and this now legendary time magazine cover and to mark the occasion and the comedian and the talk though host now will be airing a special commemorative episode of her popular talk show the ellen degeneres show she sits down with special guest oprah winfrey and actress laura dern who were both featured in the now iconic episode. >> what i think for everybody who goes through, um, anything where you
9:15 am
of yourself and then you're brave enough, you have the courage because your whole calling is about you being who you were meant to be. and the fact that you did -- you would not be who you are medal of freedom, president obama wouldn't have said those wonderful things about you they were all so true. you wouldn't have been able to open hearts and touch hearts and change people's minds and make a difference in the world had you not had the courage to do that. and 20 years ago you had no idea it would put you in this seat. >> no. no. and that's why i always encourage people because it really did teach me no matter what the cost is at the time. >> yeah. >> it is always -- >> this morning we're having our own discussion right here in the loft about that pivotal moment with ebony bell managing editor of tag magazine and michael, a writer for the washington. >> good morning to both of you. >> good morning.
9:16 am
original clip i got chills. you know, we've been asking people all morning long to give a grade to president trump on where he stands on the first 100 days. i'm not going to ask you to do that but i'm going ask you to give grade where do we stand now versus where we stood then in terms of a grade with equality? >> watching clip we just saw ellen coming was a pivotal moment in the long history of the lgbt rights movement. she lost a lot when she came o out. her show ultimately was taken off the air. but 20 years hence we've made a lot of strides as a community. we have marriage rights for same sex couples in this country transgender people are able to serve openly in the military we have folks like caitlin jenner who come out as transgender and coming out as bisexual. when people come out it's celebrated but we still have a lot of work that remains to be ne
9:17 am
because i was reading an article interview ellen had done about the 20 year anniversary, one of things she said was, i never realized how big the phrase, i am gay, is for someone who's gay because you really don't say that. straight people don't walk around going i'm straight. you know. so if you think about the moment where you say, i am gay, it is at a moment in your life where you're revealing your true self to someone. >> absolutely. she, um, what i appreciate about ellen is she does it on a national mat form. you know, we have community members, of course, that, you know, have come out within the community. but she used a national platform to really force people to listen and talk about lgbt issues. that conversation i don't think would have happened if it wasn't for ellen. >> she was at the top of her game at the time. right? she was willing to risk it all and she did lose a lot. but as
9:18 am
martin often says you have to go through to it to get to it. she went through it, right? to get to where she is now. so let's talk a little bit more about where we are now. and where we need to go. still. >> as i said the community has made lot of strides in the last 20 years since ellen came out on her show. same sex marriage is now legal across the country. we can have transgender people serve openly in the military. the defensive marriage act which then president bill clinton signed no law just before this episode aired is now -- as many would say in the dust bit of history many things remain us we have a long ways to go. for example the most recent reports coming out of cheats nia for example where gay men are being arrested, tortured and being put into secret prisons really demonstrate that the lgbt rights movement not only a broad but also here in this country we have hate crimes here in d.c. that happen routinely so we really have long way to go. but we certa
9:19 am
of progress and looking back 20 years since this episode really indicates that progress that we have made, but a lot, you can still remains to be done. >> let's talk a little bit about the hate crimes because i often think, um, when we see anger that dissolves into hate it's original and precipitates from fear. >> um-hmm. >> people are afraid, um, of being gay because they don't understand it. and then when they're afraid of it, they get angry about it and then they hate it because they don't get it. how do we help people not be afraid? >> because i think that's a big part of us moving forward. >> yeah. >> i always say the best form of advocacy is visibility. we see lgbt characters now more than ever on television. i think like michael said there's still a lot of work to be done. right now we have housing discrimination. work discrimination and this is still happening. al,
9:20 am
important for lgbt people and our allies to step up for the transgender community. to me that's the biggest issue right now. and that's the biggest fear. it's really important for our community and allies to step up and say, hey, why are trance women of color being murdered or assaulted? and it's really important to just look at people as people. >> um-hmm. >> well, clearly you all are amazing in who you are and what you put out there and are wonderful role models as much as ellen in your own way. if someone was watching this morning and they were still struggling with this battle what would you say to them? >> we're here for you. we're here. there's a whole community of people waiting to support you. we know that it's hard. there are people in middle america maybe who you don't have the resources. but we're here. >> you're not alone. >> you're in the alone. we're here. we're waiting for you. you have a lot of
9:21 am
>> i certainly agree with what ebony has said. when you're ready to make that step to come out know there's so many people who are willing to love and accept you and support you on that journey moving forward. >> it may not be the people you think. >> exactly. >> that's the thing. if ellen walk in here right now what would you say to her. >> thank you. >> thank you for being such an example and for taking that step and, you know, very courageous step coming out certainly very courageous for everybody. but certainly thank you for taking that step and paving the way for many others to follow in your path. >> thank you both for taking your steps and coming here and paving the way for on thes as well. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> back over to ya'll. >> 921st time. we'll want to switch gears and talk about national super hero day. coming up in the fox beat kevin wants to know which one is your favorite keep the tweets coming in using the #gooddaydc. >> are you team superman. >> team batman. love the whole dark personality. >> wonder woman. >> i like wonder woman,
9:22 am
>> all right. >> speaking of wonder women allison what are you working oh and. >> i like it very much. former presidential add 55 now under investigation by the pentagon. united reaches a deal with dr. dao. pat injuries who got dragged off a flight and ignite add fire storm of criticism, and if you pay for 400 plus for muddy jeans, reebok has something it wants to sell you now. we've got a check of what else is making headlines next. ♪ at ikea, we believe that your dream bedroom, from a personalized closet, to a well-organized chest of drawers, to a cozy bed, can be yours for less. save up to 20% at the ikea bedroom event.
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♪ we ask you to tweet us a letter greater how you feel the president has done in his first 100 days. that person not very happy we're seeing several. we'll continue to scroll throughout the day. use the #gooddaydc so we can fine it. 9:25 right now. allison back with a check of the other stories making had he lines this morning. al. >> steve, we begin in arkansas which is facing tough scrutiny over latest execution. overnight, 38-year-old kenneth williams died by lethal inject. now witnesses say he was convulsing after he was given the injection. not supposed to that. he died 13 minutes after it was given. his attorneys are calling his execution quote horrifying. williams was convict the in the deaths of two people in the late '90's. arkansas set to carry out four additional executions over the next three days before one of its lethal injection drugs expires at the end of the month. president donald trump won't answer new questions about out offed national securitydd
9:26 am
michael flynn. president trump ignored questions yesterday on the news that the pentagon is inves investigating flynn for receiving money from foreign interests. that includes work for rt the russian television network and a company linked to turkey's government. pope francis is in egypt this morning. he arrived in care row a short time ago much this is the first papal trip to the muslim majority nation since the year 2000 san much he's expected to encourage solidarity between muslims christians around the world. pope's trip comes following two recent terror attacks in egypt including one on palm sunday that killed nearly 50 people. well the man who was dragged off that united airlines flight earlier this month wins financial settlement from the airline. lawyers say the amount that david dao has received from united airlines is confidential. videoed of him being dragged off the flight by airline law enforcement quickly went viral and it spark outrage. dr. today. a owe was remove from the plane
9:27 am
seat to united staff. and finally, getting in on fake fashion? do you remember those for hundred plus dot dollar muddy jeans in order tromm was selling from the line barracuda. reebok has come out with its own fake pricey fashion. okay. so it is fake. check it out. this is a $425 sweatshirt. get it sweat shirt. reebok jokes it includes real sweat and was create beside reebok workers who always find the time to sweat it out. so that was the big question. is this just a joke on society and what we're willing to pay and i guess reebok is poking a little fun. >> i like it. >> i think it's pretty funny. >> thanks al. >> you got it. >> all right. little something for every dc sports fan out there from the caps to the wizards to the nats to the redskins. we got lot going on in the nation's capital we'll have all your highlights coming up. >> 70 degrees at 9:00 in the morning and mercury is going to keep climbing. tucker barnes back with look how hot it could get today and the big changes knocking at the d door. >> fresh at 10a
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queens and video games. we're celebrating the 11th hour wine and food festival at national harbor. three local women competing for miss usa crown before they head to vegas. they're live in the loft. new game that could be an istant classic. we are trying out the all knew mario cart for nintendo switch and kevin no doubt geeking out about it. right now it's 9:28. we're back after this. ♪
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♪ >> new music. >> hopefully it will help this time around. >> caps hoping the team would bounce back on saturday. the team ended the team last year for the caps already ahead after game one. pittsburgh scored the first time 52 seconds later same guy scored again for pittsburgh caps come back and tide the game at two a third period goal by the penguins nick seal the deal. caps lose lehigh two. game set still at verizon center saturday night. even the series at one. >> you know that every time the penguins won the cup they went through the capitals to get it. >> they've also lost the first game. >> yeah. >> hopefully this will, f they get past this i'm telling you this will be game changer. if the capitals can get passed this big game changer. >> must win game two. >> wizards tip off again tonight game six of their play off series. leading the hawks three-two wizards c
9:32 am
dynamic duo of john wall and bradley biehl to lead a series win in atlanta. if not, they will force a decisive contest sunday here in d.c. >> first round the nfl draft is in the books and the burgundy and gold with a steal at number seven they picked up alabama defensive lineman jonathan allen who played his high school football at stone bridge high school in ashburn. some thought he might go higher but that works out well for the skins. looking for replace many for the departed ricky jean francois. >> the nats bats staying hot in colorado this game actually stayed pretty close though through the first half. but then adam eaton got the al the started in the fifth with a solo shot to right field. second homerun of the season. seen ya. dan murphy padding the lead in the seventh rbi double to left put the nats up six-two. same inning bryce harper at the plate two runners on and see you later. bye-bye. three-one homer to writ center the seventh of the season. that puts the nats up 14-two. washington scored ten runs in
9:33 am
the nats head home to face the mets this weekend. right now they are 16-six and first in the national league east by four games. >> right. >> all right. tucker barnes, what rivalry? that's what we ask. it's domination. it's not a rivalry. >> that's what i've been saying all morning steve. i'm totally with you. i'm going to show this cool shirt you can get at the nats story it is rivalry weekend there's your cool shirt but yeah, nationals they got the mets number. at least recently, and should be a great weekend for baseball. if you're going down to the park tonight, it's going to feel summery down there. hints of summer with temperatures near 80 at first pitch. and some humidity down there as well but it should be dry. got afternoon evening plans not just for baseball for really anything later today we're in good shape as we'll be looking at a very summery day around who are. don't forget it's weather day. we do it every year we love it with the national. next thursday may fourth game against the diamondbacks in the afternoon at
9:34 am
presentation before the game go to washington or just and specially priced tickets. we'll do a big presentation and do meet and greet before the game and take pictures with the kids and talk to them. we'd love to see you down there. a lot of school groups if you want to comeville you can do that as well. 70 in washington. 72 leonardtown. 72 in fredericksburg. 73 in frederick this morning not very cool overnight. in fact temperatures really never got out of the mid 60s here in the city. and we're off and running here. lots of sunshine. it's going to be very warm day. our average daytime high for the end of april is in the low 70s we'll do ten plus degrees better than that today with that bright sunshine again the temperatures topping out in the low to mid 80s. got that front out of here and high pressure will build in and just deliver very quiet afternoon. here's your front again really should be located right off the coast at this hour. sunny, 80s today. could we hit our first 90-degree temperature of 2017? looks likely
9:35 am
and you'll feel that around as well tomorrow as it's going to be -- feel like july by saturday afternoon. high temperatures in the low 90s. little cooler sunday. few more clouds around maybe a pop-up storm sunday but we keep the summertime theme going into early next week. then things cool down by the middle of next week. all in all nice weekend. got weekend plans outdoors, want to get out moan the lawn that kind of thing should be a good weekend for it. make sure you remember to bring lots of water as you'll want it this weekend. all right. guys, steve, i'll toss it to you. >> water for you. water for your pets too and anybody who has a pet nose there's a special bond between the furry babies and the human connect. there's a whole holiday ded dedicated to pets and their owners collectively it is called national pet parents day and it is celebrated the last sunday in april. that's sunday. but this morning we're kicking off the festivities early we wanted to have dogs in the loft with us today helping us to mark the occasion and give us some advice best pet parent possible michael of camp
9:36 am
columbia maryland. eric new man is here as well. good to see you guys. >> if morning. >> who did you bring with you today. >> this is travis. >> hi travis. >> and penny. >> what types of dogs are they? penny is a long haired chi what were. >> and travis is a heinz 57 fox coon hound. >> got little bit of everything. >> great personality too. >> yeah. >> let him stretch down, travis take nap. do whatever you feel hike doing the loft is yours this morning, my friend. [ laughter ] >> exactly. >> it's interesting we talk about pets all the time we celebrate our pets and we love to and our viewers are always great in zenning pictures of their pets. but that relationship between pet parent and the pet really kind of makes a huge difference makes or break the pets life, doesn't it. >> absolutely. war some of the things that can make that relationship better? maybe we shall start with some of the things we don't do well as pet parents. >> right. >> war some of the places where we fall behind and we can do better. >> one of first places is the consistency. all too often when we're working with our
9:37 am
their negative behavior and instead we really should be reinforces positive behavior potentially redirecting to what we want them to be doing. rather than chewing on the table or the chair rather give them their favorite bone and then praise them after wars. >> we hear i mean a lot of people when they get -- especially new pupae always no, no, no. you're saying really that's not the best way to approach thing, is it. >> no. >> i think one of the most important things is also identifying the right dog to your family from the get go. if you have very active family and you'll be able to have an active dog and take them out with you that's good dog for y you. if you are extremely busy and you have that active dog that dog is going to need your attention. so -- while we're on that topic let me ask you about dogs with kids, too. because i know it's very important a lot of times the kids weigh want the dog and begging mom and dad. we want a puppy. i want a puppy. but mom and dad have to be real careful, too, about how that youngster grows with the puppy as well. >> right. in what are some of t
9:38 am
can keep everything safe here? >> yeah. it really is supervision. a lot of times it's making sure that the child also understands what they and shouldn't be do doing. pulling tale, pulling ears i think that's a natural tendency for children. teaching them ensuring you're supervising. had a of all the dog bites are really from pets within the home and so it's making sure that there's a boundary. >> don't a lot of those happen when the parents minot be around when the youngsters are with the dog alone and we don't see exactly how they're interacting. >> right. >> nor does the recognize when the dog is being -- >> how can we get all get a dog as well behave as this. [ laughter ] >> lots of exercise and tucker him out before you come onset. >> war the secrets? look we grow with doing much that's what makes them part of the family because we get them as their young and energetic just like a child might be. they might mellow out over time but how do we get that pet to really we feel they're part of the family how do we get them to believe we're part of their fami a
9:39 am
>> it's definitely introducing them to lots of things at a young age. before 16 weeks you want to make sure they're subjected to me meeting people other dogs, other objects, things, touch their paws, touch their ears when they get their nails clipped it won't be traumatic experience. with children so all an environment where they've experienced everything. otherwise they can grow up and very skiddish, shy, which can lead to some aggression. and -- start them young haven't the consistency. >> exactly. >> along the way. >> yup. gentlemen, always good to see you. >> from camp bow wow travis i think will be full of energy on the car ride back to columbia now because travis is just chilling right now. aren't you. >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thanks buddy. good to see you. >> yeah. he's like, um-hmm. i'm good. >> we want to see pictures of your pet #gooddaydc. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you. >> thanks
9:40 am
pet parents day isn't until sunday so today we're making national super hero day. coming up kevin mccarthy sharing his favorites and we want you to share yours as well use the good day d.c. hash tag. >> why scarlet johansson wants to party with a grandmom. time right 9:40. the fox beat is next.
9:41 am
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9:43 am
>> national super hero day. >> i want to do television tease by the way. >> this is what i'm talking about. >> we're already off the rails. >>we're almost off topic. one, in this segment, we'll show i was video that will put a big smile on your face. isn't okay. >> promise. >> all right. >> topic two, i'm playing the new mario cart eight. >> and we're off topic. >> in the 10:00 a.m. hour today. >> all right. national super hero day. obviously they've come up with national day for everything now. so why not do it for super heroes. henry caval as we all know him superman posted this amazing photo to his instagram. he's rocking out this brand new -- rocking out the superman shirt. >> flag on the play that is not henry caval. >> yeah it is. >> what happened to him. >> he's probably in the middle of a run. >> it doesn't look le
9:44 am
>> it doesn't look like him. >> he's taken better pictures. let's put that it way. >> any way, he rocking this superman shirt. he basically gave shout out to all the actors playing super heroes. by the way i can't tell if his shirt is actually the costume or just a shirt. >> i spent hours debating this isn't look at this closely look who he tagged in the post. the cool thing about that was, he was -- >> did he tag wardrobe. >> here's the cool thing. he's in the d.c. universe. he's batman, superman, you know, wonder woman. he also tagged everybody in the marvel universe. chris pratt, robert downey, jr., i like that he kind of included everyone in the super heroes not just his universe. guardian of the galaxy coming out next week,. >> has anybody responded yet. >> i'm waiting to fine out. he tag scarlet johansson. i'm curious down the behind favorite super hero. >> batman. >> that was quick. >> we already discuss
9:45 am
>> for tv you have to build it you. >> we only have so much time. >> wonder twins. >> wonder twins. >> i forgot about them. >> activate. >> steven. >> ice, bird. >> obviously footage from justice league which comes out in november. this is going to be mazing. were i have. storm and wonder woman. >> storm and wonder woman. >> i like both of those characters. >> yup. >> steve i want superman. i'm not as deep in the super hero universe as you guys i have to go back to the classics from my youth. >> how awesome does wonder woman look. >> i'm so excited about this movie. it comes out i believe in june. justice league in november. my favorite super hero of all time spiderman. >> i go back and forth. i go back to batman spiderman. superman they're all good. >> the powers of superman but the look of batman. >> that's why i like super friends. that all of them. >> exactly. >> i think i have new super hero favorite every day right now it's probably dead pool. dead pool is my favorite. >> we hadn't heard that
9:46 am
here we government this story is -- >> mario cart man. >> this story is awesome. >> here we go. this story is amazing. so a gentleman 25-year-old gentleman went to read it and posted a photo of his grandmother from the year 1967 let's show the photo. before we say anything here who does this grand mott look locate. >> scarlet johansson. >> it's on the chiron, yes. [ laughter ] >> so here's the interesting thing. this gentleman that's his grandfather next to the grandmother obviously 1967. so they were going through older photos grandfather just passed away they were trying to look up some memories and he found -- grandson found this photo posted it to read it it blew up. millions and millions of views and so eventually got back to scarlet johansson so much so that she decided to record a video and send it directly to the grandson with an invite to a movie premier. watch this much this is cool. >> i had to look at the photo myself. holy
9:47 am
person. i saw that you were quote drunk as a skunk when ta taking that photo and i would like to see your drunk face i want to share a drunk face with you. let's have a drink gerald dean. i would like to -- i'm going to invite you to -- do you want to come to see rough night with me be my guest. um, we're about a bunch of parring girls so it's a good running theme. and i'll cover all your hidden costs. i'll see you at the bar. >> so -- that's her bar tab. >> huffington post interviewed the grandson and the grandson said the grandmother said i was drunk as skunk when i took that photo. >> that's funny. >> new movie rough night perfect timing. >> i hope there's follow up. i hope they meet and get great pictures together. >> i want to is he what she look locate now. >> a glimpse for scarlet. >> what she'll look like. >> yeah. that's going to be me in at 72.
9:48 am
>> exactly. in thanks, kevin. >> 9:47. coming up next, sword, sandals an whole lot of fun. sneak peek at the annual spartacan convention taking place this weekend in waldorf. you have to see it to believe it. it. we're looking for something that's comfortable but yet durable, and that's going to last us a really long time. i don't want to buy new furniture every couple of years. it's custom made so you know it's good quality. i'm just speechless because it's perfect.
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>> bring the crimes and heads of kings to my steps. you insult my queen. you threaten my people with slavery and death. oh, i've chosen mine carefully persian. perhaps you shall have done the same. >> this is blasphemy. this is madness. >> iconic line from the 2007 adventure
9:52 am
if you love sword shields and battles 300 fan and no doubt a fan of what's happening this weekend you've got to get your battle gear in order. this weekend all the gladiators will be decenting upon the blue crabs stadium in waldorf maryland for spar at a can the only spar toy cuss fan convention in the us features everything from sword training and archery live gladiator battles and celebrity meet and greets. we're getting a preview of all the fun happening with the organizer of this event kelly mcleod montgomery. good to meet you. >> thank you. thank you for having me. >> i'm going to say something may not be pc sparta couldn't and pcu pop up, what. >> you are the organizer of this. why. >> i love the genre. i love the series and didn't want it to end. >> what is it about the genre that really gets you. this is something a lot of people are 92. not just the movies but the actual sword play and everything that goes into that. >> i think is
9:53 am
that it's the sword play it's that you get to dress up. you get to learn weapons training, a combination of all of that. >> what exactly is spartacon. spartacon is a convention for fans of the sword genre based around the series spar toy cuss that aired on stars, and it's just like your average comicon we have. you know, autographs signings. celebrity photos. we have vendors. we have activities and work workshops. your typical con however it's a little bit more interactive. >> speaking interactive you've brought somewhat would you kell them gladiators. >> these are the spar cans gladiators. >> what will they be doing right now a demonstration of what you'll see tomorrow, saturday and sunday at spartacon. >> shall we begin? >> begin. >> oh, wow
9:54 am
>> while they were dealing it out here, my guess, this is pretty realistic. >> it's very realistic and just imagine you're the sand is behind them. you have the fans in the stands. just like a ren in a just like the rome see yum very realistic. you know, the goal behind spartacon to immerse you into that particular era. >> we have all types of people coming out. every age. different fan groups. of course, you know, roman we have the gladiators. lots of people come out. >> we have lot of children as well. >> i know you want to do these in arenas to mimic the cole so yum as opposed to like a convention hall. >> that's right. i think a little bit of research went into it about a year. i really wanted to have, you know, your typical convention with the autographs and photographs but i wanted to take it up a notch. i wanted to really get fans and attendees
9:55 am
so i thought baseball stadium it's perfect. and when i contacted the blue crabs stadium they were all for it. it's just been great. >> if i wanted to attend do i need to have any particular skill level or bring myself and my end these a. >> no skill level at all. we actually provide you with some basic gladiator training. so if you come. we have swords that you can purchase. we have little swords for children. there are work workshops calledn the mark taken from the series where you can actually train like a gladiator. there is workshops that teach you different offense and defense moves like a gladiator. there's also roman drill marching. >> wow. >> like the roman site of. >> it's the full gamut. >> the full gamut. it's everything that you can think of. >> i'm impressed. if you're equally impressed you want to come out it is this weekend throughout the weekend? >> it is saturday and sunday. >> okay. how much are tickets. >> day tickets start from $45 and we do have vip passes that are little bit higher maybe around 175 but it offers i was variety of activitieshe
9:56 am
passes. if you just want to see the gladiator battles, they start at 5:00 p.m. on saturday and they're only $20. >> kelly mcleod montgomery spartacon 2017. i wasn't expecting this would be this much fun but it is. >> it's awesome. thank you. >> you guys are awesome, too. thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. there you have it. back to you. >> why am i picture in one of those outfits. >> he has one. >> you know he would volunteer for that. >> coming up in the 10a a great hour. booze, beauty queens, video games. all you need to know. >> great friday. >> awesome friday. >> all right. how about some coffee time on good day dc? if you've been eyeing our cool d.c. mugs listen up we have new dunkin' donuts mug to to give away the perfect cup for that great dunkin' donuts coffee head to fox5 d. d.c./contests to enter. one lucky winner selected by random drawing but hurry you only have from now until 11am to enter. we're back in a moment. e back i for all those pokers,
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10:01 am
>> you know it's friday we talking about feast or famine. you know how normally we talk about feast or famine. today is a feast. >> feast on friday. >> um-hmm. >> the food wine and fest will be going on at national harbor amazing event. i remember when it first started and it's just gotten bigger and better every year. >> you hear who let the dogs out because today is a national pet parents day. >> it is. >> we're celebrating you and your parnes -- you and your pets. your parents too if you want. keep the pictures coming we want to she off your good stuff. oh he can. >> yeah. >> you know what else is nice about the food and wine fes festival. there's all this other stuff there as well. >> scott bruno in the loft. nicky in the loft. you know something special is going on. >> it's also national super hero day. we want towsend that in too. >> that's you too, did you know. >> send in your favorite super heroes. >> saving the day with have it tetells. >> good pet it's already op leash little wine glass good where has this been
10:02 am
life. >> best invention ever. >> i got to think of that one great idea. >> we'll come back and revisit in little bit. >> yes. >> i know, right. >> try to be slick with it. >> you know that feeling when you're heading into the last hour of the show on friday? >> you check out. >> it's a good one. no. no it's a good one. >> the bar is stack. >> the bar is stacked. food being cooked. >> aroma is there. must be friday. thanks for spenting it with us. i'm steve alongside hold, maureen and wisdom. pet parent day we've gotten pictures. you want to send picture of you with your favorite pet doesn't have to be a dog or cat whatever is your favorite pet send them on in hash tag good day dc. >> if you have a super hero costume for your pet and put that on and send a picture it's also national super hero day. >> cross breed our days. >> kill two birds with one st stone. >> allison is back with what's making had he lines this morning. hey, al. >> hey, mo good to morning to all of you first up president donald trump says the us could be headed no a
10:03 am
with north korea. his comments come as he is trying to ease tensions that was diplomatic measures. the president also praised china for its efforts to resolve the dispute. president trump is also nearing his 100th day in office. that's on saturday. he'll also try to work with congress he says to avoid government shut down. it's the same day he hits that milestone and right now it look like temporary funding bill is on track to pass. well, got to be honest so far good on metro this morning metro officials say things are running normally. this after rumors swirled heavily all week about a possible sick out by metro workers today. union leaders claim their workers are being asked to give metro 72 hours advanced notice of calling out sick. metro says that's a misinterpretation simply in the true. the union does plan a protest and news conference for this morning at 11am. clean up is underway across the southeast after
10:04 am
least two people are dead in flooding in north carolina with rivers still rising there. areas of north carolina could see more flooding. arkansas is also hit heavy with rain and more precipitation possible in the days ahead. instagram it's lit. it's growing by leaps and bo bounds. the site has doubled its base in two years and now has 700 million active users. it took instagram just four months to add the last 100 million users since hitting 600 million in december. the new milestone makes instagram more than twice the size of twitter. the company attributes it's fast growing numbers to a number of things including a simplified sign up process. okay. and finally, fitness fab friday the latest trend is something that everybody can do. check it out. a uk based gym is offering a class called nappercise. it is just what it sounds like. the 60 minute class all about catching some
10:05 am
breaking a sweat in order to improve your mind. the class includes 45 minutes of napping and 15 minutes of light stretching and the gym provides everything you need. i'm talking a bed, a blanket, and even an eye mask for you. i'm here for it you guys. on friday especially. back to you. >> oh, yeah i'm here for it too. >> little stretching reactions music an place to lay down. >> yes, yes, yes and. >> a genius move on the part of the hell club. >> that person has ski house, too. >> ggetting paid. >> to let people sleep. >> all right. >> 10:05. let's check what's trending now on this friday morning. and first up, steve like allison mentioned day 99 of president trump's first 100 days in office as he nears the milestone dealing with several major issues much the job of commander in chief harder than the president thought it would be. interview with reuters president trump says he thought being the leader of the us would be quote easier. he went on to say he loved his life as a business mogul and being president is more work than
10:06 am
live. president trumply says it's been an adjust many getting used to living such a protected life adding that he misses driving. i'm sure that he does. i mean that's change for anybody that all of a sudden gets that job. i mean it's a different level. >> it really is. when i had to chance to talk to michelle obama years and years ago. the first thing you lose that opportunity to do what you want when you want. >> right. >> it was one thing for her to sneak out of the white house sometimes to grab burger or go doing something a lot different when you're the actual president to try to escape unnotice glad think about that. they're at least one person that knows what you're doing at all times. all times. you have absolutely no privacy at all. >> i think it's one of those things evidentable position when you're out in the. when you're in it you're like maybe not so much. >> not so much. >> okay. >> tough job in many many ways. >> tomorrow night the white house correspondents dinner refer to dc's nerve prom. typically you
10:07 am
bigger build up than this year. journalists, politicians and celebrities mingle with the fancy dinner down at the hilton in dc. the president makes jokes and is the bust of a few jokes. a lot different this year. two months ago the president nounsed he would not be a tending the dinner this year. the president will hold a big rally in pennsylvania. no white house staff will attend the correspondents dinner ei either. so secret the president does not like criticism and speculation is he didn't want all those joke made at his expense. a lot of people point to the 2011 correspondents dinner president obama and comedian seth myers made fun of president trump. friends say he felt humiliated now as far as who is going tomorrow there are some cleanse in town from hollywood actors alyssa milano, chad low, billy bob thornton are expected to be there. and expected to attend this year's host isian hassan manage of the daily show. what's tough for the correspondents this year who the dinner is for the white house correspondents because a lot of
10:08 am
where the president goes so president trump not tenning the dinner was a blow to lot because the publicity and attention the dinner comes down with him saying he'll be out of town, now a lot of the correspondents who are -- it's their dinner now have to be out of town to cover the president who will not be at their dinner. >> hopefully they've done enough times it's kind of old mat hat. you would think. >> it will go on. it is a -- it was never build as a celebrity dinner. it was a scholarship dinner. >> it work into that. >> it's going back to the roots. >> some people said it had gotten out of control hadn't lost its identity of its real purpose originally. so, you know. >> there's a huge portion of the country saying who cares? >> right. >> probably -- our little bubble. >> our portion of the dmv good probably. >> president trump did say in one of the most interviews this week he would be open to it next year. >> oh, okay. >> we shall see what happens between now and then. >> okay. i love this. sticking with
10:09 am
heineken put out what some are calling the antidote to the pepsi kendall jenner ad. two strangers meet. pepsi could do well to consider& next time. encouraging dialogue is more responsible way to address our current international predicament rather than glamorizing white washing the protest movement the way the pepsi ad appeared to do. just listen. >> climate change exists. we're that the taking enough action on climate change. >> i think it's about time these people got off their high horses started looking for credible problems actually exist. >> that's not right. you're a man. be a man or female be a female. >> that's the ad. i posted it on my facebook page yesterday i believe or two days ago. it's a little lengthy but it's so powerful. because they have two people polar opposite views. they don't know this when they begin a sort of a task at hand. and at the end, their views are reviewed to each othernd
10:10 am
so powerful to see people gotten to know eve other beyond what they think they know about them. it is -- i mean tear jerker it really is makes you say at the end of the day we're all people and despite our mitt cal views and our differences at the core of all we want the same things for ourselves and our families. amazing. amazing stuff. >> people in your personal lives your friends your legs your neighbors your comb workers not everybody around you is on the same view politically but you get along. you're able to separate that from this life. that's why it's so maddening that the people who make the decisions can't seemed to that. >> right. they don't seem to care. they seem to push whatever agenda they're pushing they forget about the people that put them there. >> i think it's a power the that corrupts it at the heart of people i think you know, you know. i think there's other things, other influences and i'm hope that maybe through videos likeness we get back to the core of listen there's more that unites us than separates us. because lord nose we need unity right now p worry in the all the same and we don't want to be all the same. >> amen.
10:11 am
>> 10:10. now story that's generating a lot of debate when it comes to letting off some steam. a montgomery county elementary school principal apologizing for letting her staff take part in so called smash space. it's trend popular on social media where people smash items to relieve stress. the idea getting mixed reactions from parents. melanie alnwick live where the smash space was found much what's the reaction there, mel? >> reporter: well you know obviously some people were disturbed by this. they were really lighting up the lift serve and other people talked to us and said they really don't see what the big deal is and they think it's really been kind of taken out of proportion. so here's what happened. on march 8th, apparently the school principal says there was a rocking chair in classroom that was broken beyond repair, couldn't be fixed, so it went back to a trash room a heading dock area and she decided that she would in fun let some staff members take a swing at it with baseball bat i
10:12 am
off stress she says that it was it way from the school and out of sight of students but then it got posted op lift serve that's when the controversy began. now, in apologetic letter to parents the principal said she got the idea after reading business articles you see one here from the new york times about companies providing so-called anger rooms or smash rooms as a way for employees to relieve stress. there's a lot of videos like these out there on social mode ya. showing you youtube right now the trend popular arrived looking at thighs videos you can see how it might be distressing to imagine teethers with some kind of suppressed anger taking out their frustrations in this way but apparently we talk to this -- a parent we talk to this morning he learn it is it was nothing hike this and believes the whole thing has been overblown. >> if if they know her which most of them they know there's nothing to be worried about, it was an idea she was thinking out side the bock for her staff. and maybe it was a bad idea. that's up for debate. what's not up for debate
10:13 am
they're safe. they're cared for. because of miss lease. >> reporter: the principal barbara lease did put out that letter saying that this probably was not the best idea saying that, yes, she recognizes now the concerns of some probably not the best modeling for students in terms of how people should deal with stress.& live in kensington melanie alnwick. good day d.c. back to you guys. >> mel, thank you very much. 10:13 talk about perfect end to a long work week. coming up a little bit later we've got booze, we've got beauty queens and we have video games. one of those qualifies for the bro block. really just one? >> just one? >> really just one? >> you'll want to stick around. 10:30 we'll kick that off. >> first, though, why kim k says that paris robbery was meant to happen. plus, mariah's most diva moment, and huge news for all you harry fans out there. right now tepp 13:00 and we'
10:14 am
celebrity dish next.
10:15 am
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10:17 am
>> his ears perked up again. huge news for harry styles fans. the sipe of the times singer going from the snl stage right here to the nation's capital. harry styles announced his first solo world tour this morning. here are the details for dc. he is set to perform at dar constitution hall the date will be sunday, october 1st. the tour kicks off earlier that month in september actual until san francisco. unlike his one direction days he's only playing small venues so there you go. constitution hall october 1st tickets go on sale neck friday may fifth at 10:00 a.m. isn't here's the question. does harry styles have enough music to do a solo. >> it doesn't matter. >> i don't know but i think right there he's trying that new nappercise. [ laughter ] >> in that picture. >> poster. >> he might be. >> harry styles. >> he'll wake up by objection first. >> he'll be excite. thanks yo. >> celebrity dish time. we'll serve it up and start with kim k because kim kardashian is breaki h
10:18 am
terrifying moments she was robbed in paris. reality tv star appearing on ellen yesterday. reacting emotional toll questions as she relived those chilling moments she claims changed her live for the better. let's take listen. >> i really feel like things happen in your live to teach you things, and this was like -- [ applause ] >> yup. >> thanks. >> like i was, you know, it was probably no secret you've seen it on the show us being flash she. i was definitely materialistic before not that there's anything bad with having things and working hard to get those things and i'm really proud of, you know, everyone around me that's successful but i'm so happy that my kids get this me and that this is who i'm raising moo kids. because i just don't care about that stuff any more. >> you probably recall last year in october thieves broke into their luxury property in paris tied her up at gun point before making off wit
10:19 am
valuable items totaling more than $9 million. by the way i think she looks amazing. >> she look great. >> that's what she said. >> the best she's ever looked. >> burying the lead. i agree the bev she's ever looked. >> let's talk about paris jackson. she's giving her followers some advice about netflix controversial show 13 reasons why. state with me on this one model and act tress 19 came across tumbler post 95 notes on tumbler warning away potential viewers away from the show claiming it was incredibly responsible -- zero responsibly handled and put people in very real danger. jackson said came across this online and i'm not sure what the source is but this is really important to spread towards people that are struggling with depression or anxiety, self harm and/or suicidal thoughts. this show was an mazing way get the message across to bullies that they need to stop doing what they're doing. it really did a good job of showing how impactful words and actions can be to other human beings. you can't just do or say things to people withou thinking about how it will affect
10:20 am
but at the same time it is also an extremely triggering thing to watch. please only watch this show with caution and keep in mind that it may put in you dark place. if you are struggling please don't watch it. if you think you can handle it, please by all means check it o out. >> parents you knee to know your kids are watching it and talk about it that's the big thing about that. okay. here's a question for you. how big of a diva is mariah carey. >> huge. >> well let's allow nick cannon her he can husband to pontificate as wisdom would say. nick revealed to wendy williams during appearance on her talk show on thursday the most diva thing he's ever seen the self proclaimed diva do, have twins. >> there you go. >> cannon told williams when he was asked the question that she shut the wheelhouse hospital down. cannon who of course shares five-year-old twins monroe and more rock can with the singer added that carrie had specific requests while in the delivery room as well. when they were born, he said, she made me play her musics
10:21 am
they was coming out. [ laughter ] >> he said. he continued, it was a fantasy. they was dancing to fantasy. >> i love it. >> okay. what's wrong with that. >> i love it. >> they want to hear momma's voice coming out. >> i love it. >> she gets whatever she wants. >> when you shut down a hos hospital, do you kick -- what do you do with all the other people in the hospital. >> where do all the other patients go. >> i know you write the check. do you get them on bus and take them next door? i mean -- >> do you just shit down meaning the people -- it's like on lock down. >> maybe that's it. >> whoever is already there. stays. nobody else can come in. >> that would be my guess. right. >> you can't leave per orders of ma roy ya carrie. >> they're calling you not going to believe this mariah carey is having her babies right now. >> but we can't come out. >> problems we'll never have. >> the next story is about the best little helper ever. chaning tatum' utter daughter everly bake his him cake for her 37th birthday wednesday much his wife jana shared a pick of the sweet treat via
10:22 am
hopefully we'll see it. happy birthday daddy. she wrote alongside the photo i should say. that's what instagram post said the dessert was topped with blue icing pretzels and m and m i heart you daddy it read. i made this cake for you. love evism e. >> that went all out with snap chatting the familiaring playing bowling alley. google the picture you'll fine it. >> there it is. >> there it is. >> aww. >> really good writing. >> how old is she. >> wow. >> i don't write that well. >> e-z io. >> that's your celebrity dish. >> thank you. it was today. a couple of beauty queens taking over the loft before they head to vegas for their big competition. we're counseling down to the crowning of a new miss usa with the three local contestants hoping to follow in deshauna barber's footsteps. >> kevin won't notice one of them because he's playing games. >> he's over there. >> ending a long work week with
10:23 am
we're getting a sneak peek at a gig event coming up this week at national harbor. with a couple of people who know their way array round the kitchen. erin will be back with all the details coming up later. ♪
10:24 am
10:25 am
♪ if not today definitely tomorrow, right. >> um-hmm. >> teamers climbing going straight to summertime at least for a couple of days. tucker barnes back with look at the forecast. things
10:26 am
little bit tuck. >> when i came upstairs i thought i was coming up for the bro block and i was very exp expected to get to spent quality time with the men. >> what happened? >> now i'm doing weather. >> welcome up as soon as you're done. >> okay. when is the bro block? when does that start. >> as soon as you're done talking. >> i'll hurry up. let's do the better. friday going to be warm. going to be humid. and we're talking summertime temperatures particularly tomorrow but the next several days temperatures well above normal for the end of april. humidity on the rise. i fell a touch it yesterday when i was out and about. you'll notice it this afternoon as that bright sunshine wow up to 76 degrees combined with little humidity and summertime feel out there. went out of the north at eight. heat index spec degrees. we are expecting sunshine. a beautiful beautiful friday afternoon. hey, want to do happy hour after work or you want to, you know, take the dog for nice long walk, barbecue on the back porch great day for it very pleasant afternoon with temperatures in the hoe to mid
10:27 am
and lots and lots of sunshine. not expecting rain today. tonight doing to the nats game, you're in great shape for that. it will be warm and summery out there with temperatures in the 70s at game time we're looking at a very summery weekend. 84 today. 91 tomorrow. we have not yet hit 90 in 2017 looks leak we may do that tomorrow for the first time andd temperatures stick around sunday and monday and when i say stick around the humidity will stick around as well. maybe a pop-up storm by sunday afternoon that will be widely scattered allison has plans sunday afternoon i'll try to keep it dry for everybody. coming up, i'll be back for the back to you. >> hurry up tuck get to it right after the break. we are bringing back the bro block on this friday morning. and what better bro to kick it off than kevin mccarthy heading into the good day man cave to play video games much he's all in. >> of course. >> he's not even playing on the big screen and he's excited. ♪
10:28 am
10:29 am
♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. ♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares.
10:30 am
♪ yeah. >> finally the bro block is back. >> 10:30 we're on the -- >> i got the game. >> you must have the fun. >> we got the fun. >> we're in the cave. for this next segment. >> we're doing rainbow. >> settle down there. >> you know what, can i just make quick observation. >> can i reading this. >> if kev -- >> newest game console nintendo switch. what we're talking about. >> in order to get a
10:31 am
playing nintendo classic game this one is not on store shelves. today it will be if you can fine it we're talking about mario cart eight deluxe which is being released today. the ninth mario cart game to be made and released by nintendo now joining us with an exclusive first look ryan lynch owner of records and rarities in springfield. correct. >> springfield mall. >> oh. >> ryan is playing the voice have you been hearing non-stop is kevin mccarthy so geeked out about this. >> and tucker is in awe of everything. >> tucker you were about say. >> if kevin can't keep his cool he won't be invited back to the bro block. >> i understand. >> there are rules for this clubhouse. >> there are. >> kevin, kevin, over here. >> right here. >> right here. >> why are you so excited about this? >> when i was growing up n64 my favorite gaming system of all time. mario cart 64 golden eye i don't think a better system has ever been made than those two -- those two games and my buddy ryan here grease withe.
10:32 am
n64 was amazing. mario cart which we always have with the store is always being sold. >> you sell the nd64. >> are you playing this right now. >> i'm trying to. i just passed kevin actually. >> who is on which side of the screen. >> i'm yo she. >> you're over here. >> kevin is toto. >> can i ask real quick. i'm not sure does the mushroom hat give you any special ability. >> no. >> what about the thing he's carrying in his hands. >> yeah, the -- he's carrying a golden mushroom. >> golden mushroom. >> boosts your speed super ti times. >> is that why the fire is coming out of the back of the vehicle. >> exactly. >> ryan, let me ask you this. ninth installment mario cart games do they each keep getting better and better. >> they do. >> like some movies the second and the eighth episode are the best. mario cart eight came out wii was considered the best. so this actually -- this game is a port over from that. it's incredible. graphics are bet on this. they have new battle modes which they took away on the
10:33 am
>> they have battle on this one. >> they do, man. >> like eight apps. >> you've got actually couple questions tucker. >> i got couple questions. >> i'm trying to keep my cool here. >> sure. girls still going to be interested in me if i start playing this. >> they're going to play it with you that's the thing. >> they might play it with ryan because he's in third place and ryan slipped back to ninth. >> i just got inked. >> oiled. >> yeah. yeah. like a oil slick. >> does that mean you're eliminating. >> no, no new york city just hard to see for a second. >> can i say something? this is really cool system called -- everyone nintendo switch is out it's impossible to find something you can play portablely and also connected to your tv through hdmi insane. absolutely impossible to find. when it was initially released only sell today was available. >> sell today, bomber man and 12 switch. >> mario cart eight is out. >> this is the big one. >> explain to me is this all make up the nintendo switch. >> this is the separate components right here. right
10:34 am
this off it's got a little kick stan on the back right there. >> okay. >> you lean it up off couple of friends some lemonade you're having a good time. you got over here you got the switch dock together. you can take these thing off, dock it like that. and you're playing walking around dc having fun. >> kevin said you can find it how hot is it right now. >> especially the neons i brought these are pre order o only. so if going out you want to stand in line and try to find one you'll only find the gray. >> i'm taking a train to new york today and i can play this game on the train because it's portable and go home and plug it into my tv. >> play it on big screen like this. >> show me how you make this get on hi here. >> we jump many over here hit both controllers. >> gotcha. >> hop over. >> ut-oh. >> i'm playing it. >> there you go. >> what's awesome about this, too, this is the sell today g game. >> got you. >> dustin my manager at springfield store he's gotten really far. i don't have as much time i actually have to work. >> right, right. [ laughter ] >> no, for those who don't have
10:35 am
and get the master sword and all this cool stuff. >> gotcha. this is like king of the nerd stuff. >> yeah. >> but big business, right. >> huge business. >> they sold more units of this game than actual switch consoles. that's unheard of. >> ryan, can i ask one question. >> sure. do they still say back door. >> they still do that. >> can i just say as a quick observation that this may be the longest nintendo super mario segment in the history of television. i'm proud of us. >> awesome. >> battle on three. >> battle? you don't do that in the bro block. you don't do this. this is all we need to do. >> we talked about rules. >> we got rules in here. >> you got to be cool. >> this gentleman might be my lost lot of brother. here's the cool thing. >> you know what else we don't do in the bro block. >> suck up to our guests. >> calm down with that, kevin. you're a member of the bro bl block. >> come on in. you're part of the bro block, too. >> we don
10:36 am
he's all right here. >> heavy metal fan. hiphop fan. >> oh, man. >> i would have to say super n u.s. >> i'm on board with that. >> i'm going to go n64 like kevin. >> inutilely cast. atari. >> back '92. >> techno bowl back in the 1990's. >> that's going to do it for bro block today you asked the question earlier would the ladies like you if you were playing video games. i see three ladies over there. do you like guys that play video games? >> no! [ laughter ] >> wait a minute. >> look at this tucker doesn't miss a beat. >> what if the guy playing video game had all that over there at their house. >> over the food over there. >> all the food and drinks over there. >> yes! >> that's how do you the bro block. and that's how you get the ladies to like you. >> end the bro block with pretty ladies. >> we lost bro. we lost bro. >> i like to play a lot of video games. >> i love how you don't get mad at him for going over there.
10:37 am
friends -- look where he was staning. that's all i'm saying. >> look where he was standing. >> this is where the bro block really happens. that's why. >> by the way maureen what are you and i chopped liver? >> honestly. >> you're to the bros. >> three ladies over there. we're like one, two, three, four, five. >> okay. >> okay. coming up next, the one thing that can drag a guy away from video games we're talking about a beautiful woman and this morning we've got five of them, okay, three of them. three really legit ones. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. talking about miss d.c. usa, miss maryland usa and miss virginia usa getting ready to head to vegas for the main event. they're joining us live in the loft. we'll be right back.
10:38 am
10:39 am
10:40 am
>> make sure my share in place. it is time to roll out the red carpet and break out the sash and tierra this morning we're joined by three show shopping beauties all of whom are about to compete for the title of miss usa. and if they win, as we know, they've got pretty big shoes to fill. >> joining us live in the loft miss maryland usa, miss dcusa cry mccullough and miss have virginia usa jacqueline carol. here they come escorted by i guess they've ditch the p
10:41 am
block. have decide -- good time to dish the bro. >> hello. >> how are you. >> welcome. welcome. >> you look spectacular. >> so so gentlemenly. >> tucker you couldn't -- >> look at kevin. look at kevin. >> still playing -- >> aww. >> i think she just answered your question. >> no problem. >> i didn't even know we were on tv. >> this is the far better place you are. good morning to you beautiful ladies. >> good morning. >> thank you so much for having us. >> absolutely. >> i will say this. before we really get started. there are really big shoes to fill because deshauna barber of course miss d.c. went on to become miss usa and zoey feel like she represents the whole dmv area but so the pressure is on. >> right. >> right. >> for all to you repeat. >> yeah. for sure. >> let's begin with some questions here. let's start with you miss maryland u.s. a. what's your platform? >> so my mother and i coach found add 501c non-profi
10:42 am
we have a event on may fifth raising money for the kidney project. bio artificial kidney that can be inserted into the body and replace dialysis. charities for more information on that. >> we have esteem panel. we use esteemed panel lightly. we have a panel of judges that are evaluating as we go. >> good to know g would you like to comment. >> that was an absolutely brilliant answer. i loved the way she form those words and put the sentences together. >> you can feel the passion and personal connect to the mission ahead. >> very well done. >> thank you. >> miss maryland i want to follow up way second question in terms of the pageant in general and i know that miss usa trying get away from using the word pageant. >> sure. >> why do you think that's necessary? >> i think it's really awesome thing definitely negative stigmas and associated were to the pageant industry. it's about women supporting other women and furthering their careers a
10:43 am
communities what we they wanted to and not necessarily about the whole looking perfect to a t. definitely moving in positive direction i'm so excited to be a part of that. >> how many times i did not like the wore pageant to begin with. >> you know what, there's nothing wrong with being beautiful too. i'm just saying. >> absolutely. >> if you just happen to be beautiful while you're doing this, it's okay. >> let it flow naturally. >> that's what ear all about. >> that's what we've all said. >> miss virginia jacqueline carol you are studying forensic psychology. >> yes, ma'am. i'm in my master's program right now at george washington university. >> moo goodness. >> and so what do we intended to with the degree when you're finished? >> well, i've been looking at jobs right now i really want to get a great foundation for where i'm going in the future. i want to work with profilers i feel like everybody wanted to if you're in that feel that's the hot thing to do. i'm looking for jobs with the fbi, any kind of three letter agencies right now. >> it's cool. >> so exciting. >> it's a dangerous field and it's changing quiet bit. the fbi over the
10:44 am
under a lot of scrutiny. how do you feel going into a field like that is under such scrutiny and politically charged and there is such turmoil? >> i'm excited. i've always loved a challenge a i was college athlete and i was always told when i was younger, you're not tall enough to play volleyball in college. >> rollly? >> i know, right? [ laughter ] >> who said that? >> you shall see some of those girls. >> who said that. >> they're huge much that's kind of the background i come from. so i have always had this outlook if you challenge me i'm up for it. i'm ready for it. >> all right. >> i'm excited. >> i want to know why you decided to take the break like why take a break to do miss usa instead of just keeping on the career path? >> well, i took a minor detour i'm a mental health counselor at a rehab center i work with young women who have eating did you orders. i see wide range of melt mental health issues that's my pla platform.
10:45 am
it's work with full time for right now. because it work really well what i'm doing in the pageant world. >> and judges. >> i feel very impressive advanced degree program here she's all right starting to psycho analyze anything we will say. i will just say excellent answer. very well done. >> i'll say she's in the forensics field because she's killing it. >> oh, my gosh. i think she just said they both need help. >> exactly. >> they both need help. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> miss dcusa let's end with you care rah mccullough we talk about, you know, deshauna barber really made a statement, right, and i feel like she's had impact over the past year. do you find that to be more pressure or are you up for the challenge to follow in those footsteps. >> just piggyback off what jackie says the challenge what makes everything more worthwhile. so the process of seeing deshauna change the paradigm of pageantry to now the compe competition, it's truly something that i believ
10:46 am
more enlightening to me. she's giving myself a voice as well i'm a scientist at the united states nuclear regulatory commission to jump into this competition you don't have to just be one certain way, you can be come into this competition with different backgrounds, come from different molds, different majors and still make an impact no matter what. >> what is your platform. >> i'm all about stem enrich many i have personal community out reach project called science exploration for kids. so essentially i like struggled with math and science as a younger student like add lessen and i see that science can re really change a child's outlook. give you a great career path as well as just, um, expand your imagination. so what i do, i go no elementary schools after school programs and i do science projects with these kids and i just like to break it down let them know it's easy. it's nothing difficult just use all your surroundings and you can really truly indulge and have fun in science technology engineering and mathematics. >> okay. >> wow
10:47 am
>> yeah. >> wow. >> miss dc got off to fan tick start by shunning kevin. >> absolutely. >> great start. in all seriousness, the dc region, d.c. maryland, virginia we cannot lose with these three right here. >> right. >> showing how impressive they are on all levels. best wishes all of you. >> they were all maze i got two words for all the ladies. van jay. >> you've met oar men. >> ladies good luck to you. >> we're proud. >> blown away. >> amazing, amazing amazing that beautiful, intelligent. you're right, steve, we cannot go wrong in this region anyone of would you make a fabulous miss usa. >> you make this country a better place. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> good luck. >> no pressure, erin, follow that. [ laughter ] >> food and booze what more do you want? we're celebrating the wine and food festival national harbor coming up this weekend you can still get tickets and we'll give you a sneak preview i even get
10:48 am
around my neck. stick around. we'll be right back in the loft. ♪ did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet
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than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business.
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10:51 am
>> ♪ we had the ladies competing. >> exactly. >> we video games. we somehow got rid kevin we promise you booed and food and it's perfect week tone enjoy outdoor eating and drinking. >> indeed it is. right on time a great spring tradition will return to the national harbor waterfront this week. erin como is in the kitchen with details on how to enjoy the 11th annual national harbor wine and food festival. >> that's right guys. this is big segment coming up joining me live right now chef scott as well as nicky of foodie and the beast. thank you so much for making the lot of smell so delicious. >> right. smells so good. >> we're super excited to be here. thanks for having you. >> tell me what we're cooking up right now. >> special bacon doing pork belly. beautiful pork belly pork bell system uncured unsmoked bacon. >> um-hmm. >> before we get to process really delicious we're bakely just slicing this on man dough lynn man
10:52 am
simultaneously incredibly verse at a till and dangerous piece of kitchen equipment. >> it looks pretty sharp. >> that's why we're not slicing it up. >> you can drink though. >> do you that, i know your birthday in this weekend if you need cup like this we have something special for you holly. >> do you think i don't already have one of those cups? [ laughter ] >> to add to your collect. this way you can walk around this weekend at national harbor it your drink ready to go to pair with any of the good little bites you can get. >> exactly this weekend the national harbor all weekend long right now vip tickets are only $65. which is such a good deal. >> that's amazing. >> ninety-nine dollars for the whole weekend they have all this booed that you see here that will be wines from locally, nationally and internat internationallily. all great bourbon, great rum. >> i officer bourbon. >> i got bourbon for you right here. >> hello. >> we'll get into that next chef. >> lots of great things to drink and tons of food trucks and food vendors want i really le
10:53 am
this festival aside from the chef dome mows which scott will tell you about in second but you can buy the wine there. so there's -- >> if you like it you can take the bottle home. >> not just bottle. you can buy a case. they have a whole wine mark. so it's really cool. you get to walk around. it will be gorgeous this wee weekend. and then you can take the product home that you like. >> we really luck out with the weather for this as well. >> yes. especially after last weekend. >> i know. seriously it was such a rain out. tell mow about the food demo you'll be doing. >> i'm one of five chefs from dc and the surrounding areas doing demos. we have victor from dell campo and taco bam ba fang, chef fang from bank com cock golden and tip cow. >> all star lineup. >> all star lineup. rock harper and marjorie bradley from smoke and stacked we'll do demos throughout the day saturday and sunday, and you get try the little snacks we'll make and learn how to make them and get some chef tips and enjoy the sun.
10:54 am
foodie you can come out and appreciate the great food. >> it's so much fun. in the chef demo tent wine being poured the whole time. some of the chefs invite people um on stage. it's so interactive. >> it's so convenient, too. >> your hands are free to taste and eat. >> right. >> exactly. >> speaking of tasting and eating we need to try this. tell me how this is prepared. >> we thinly sliced this beautiful park belly that comes from farm called leaping waters farm in virginia. we're just going to basing basically thread this on to secure and zero it in a pan like you'd cool bacon or grill this outside. perfect summertime dish. >> big sizzle. >> little sizzle going on with that. after we cook this a little bit we get a nice golden brown. we're going to put little bit of sweet soy over the top of this. >> little bit of this relish that we made that tomorrow if you come to the national harbor food and wine festival you'll get the recipe. i'm not giving it out today. >>
10:55 am
>> it smells so good. >> it's hot. >> don't burn your mouth on air. >> we don't want to do that. would you pair wine or bourbon with this? >> i pair bourbon with everything. but -- >> good answer. >> i would serve wine with it. >> you can do either. >> right. >> while you're at the festival you can enjoy both. so it's super easy. >> like this. this is encouraging to come out on the festival. one more time where can information get information to buy tickets. >> national harbor wine and food and line and they can find out all the information there are amazing vendors who will be there all weekend long. terrific wine vendors and the vip tickets honestly are really worth it. >> they sound the way to go so you can get the full experience. >> absolutely you'll get to see scott and i there along with the other chefs. >> thank you very much for coming in. i'm ending friday wearing a glass of wine and holding a piece of bacon. i say this day turn out to be a total success. holly come on over and celebrate your birthday with us. >> i will be over indeed. >> i think you shall. we wanted to wish you happy birthday, holdly. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> thank you. i know. another year young good. >> 25. >> you look mazing.
10:56 am
>> thank you. >> you got to love it when your birthday falls on saturday. >> yes, ma'am. >> enjoy the entire day. celebrating all weekend starting soon the show ends. >> i'm celebrating with you. >> birthday weekend. >> have a good one, my friend. >> thank you. >> all right. did you calm kevin down. >> no, kevin still -- >> he's gone. >> mario cloud somewhere. >> we've got to get security for the bro block. i'm just saying. >> and secret password. >> secret hand shake maybe. >> after this one today we'll have to rewrite the chart. >> it was a little -- >> that's definitely a work in progress. [ laughter ] >> have you ever had such a hot birthday as this one? look at your seven day forecast. hot today 84. 91 tomorrow. >> yikes! >> very close to record high temperature around here tomorrow hot and humid, and we'll keep summertime going into early next week. >> fantastic. >> hoping to make it hot in more ways than one. >> the party is started. >> celebrating holly morris' birthday. this is how we like to end the week. >> happy birthday. >> ya'll v great week.
10:57 am
>> we'll have epic next week on good day dc. make sure you join us. >> bye-bye. bottom up!
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
>> live from new york city it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin? we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy! >> now, here's wendy! [ applause ] [ applause ] >> wendy: we're back! thank you for watching.


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